The Institute offers professional consulting, investigation and testing services on scientific issues within its areas of expertise. Please contact the Institute if you have a specific query.

Consulting and advice in the following fields: Product Development, Production Technologies, Material Development and Characterisation
  •  Training courses for engineers and production staff covering the processing and application of fibre composites
  •  Tests along the entire process chain
  •  Laboratory testing services for fibres, plastics and fibre composites.
  •  Software solutions for digital image analysis, online quality assurance and database solutions for scientific institutes.

FIBRE offers 2-day training courses for aircraft construction engineers on the subject of fibre composites. These TCT training courses are also held in the USA and Spain. The institute also offers customer-specific training tailored to individual requirements.
As part of its "Plastics" further training partnership, the Institute has joined forces with Fraunhofer IFAM, IWT and industrial companies on the "Fibre Composite / Plastics Technician" project, whose aim is to increase the number of skilled workers in the field of rotor blade manufacture for wind turbines.

If your company is interested in staff training courses in the field of fibre composites, please contact Christoph Hoffmeister at the Institute for further information.

"fibredox" is a web-based literature database developed by FIBRE. Designed with scientific institutes in mind, the database is tailored specifically to suit their requirements. Key features of the database are full text search, also within uploaded PDF files, and the consistent and logical linking of all relational data, such as persons, organisations, media and key words. Furthermore, users can generate lists that can also be integrated in external websites via interfaces and are automatically updated. Using a PIN-based system, "fibredox" also supports the secure exchange of documents with partner organisations. The Institute's current website offers a direct link to "fibredox".

The extremely flexible structure of the database means it can also be usefully deployed by third-party institutes and companies and is already implemented at one of our research partners.
If you would like to find out how "fibredox" can benefit your company or institute, please contact Mr Bischoff.


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