Teaching and training

Since its founding, the Institute has been deeply committed to providing young people access to high-quality training and vocational qualifications. For this purpose, FIBRE has forged a cooperation agreement with the University of Bremen, under whose auspices it is able to support a range of teaching programmes, help scientists gain their doctorates and offer a range of further education options.

Each year, the Institute is responsible for overseeing as many as 30 bachelor's and master's theses. It also arranges, mentors and supervises a wide range of internships, work-study activities and student projects. Many students utilise our growing contacts with enterprises in the aircraft and automotive industries; others are keen to take advantage of the opportunity to spend time in Europe, Brazil and North America.

The Institute also continuously offers more than 25 students the opportunity to act as student assistants to scientists on research projects dealing with topical technology developments. During these activities, many students gain valuable insights that are extremely useful when choosing their potential future career or subsequent master’s degree course.

As well as established lectures that include "Technology of polymer fibre composites", "Mechanics of fibre composites" and "Fibres: characteristics, manufacture, applications", the classes in "Construction with fibre composites" have also proved extremely successful. These classes give students an insight into the construction methods and design principles of products made of fibre composites. They are designed as a link between the teaching of theoretical principles and their implementation and application in the field of component construction.

"Production technology in the aerospace industry" is a specialised field of study, supervised by Prof. Herrmann. Offered as part of the bachelor's degree in "Production Technology", it enjoys great popularity among students. The master's degree course offered is similarly popular, also among bachelor graduates from other colleges/universities
Plans to offer a separate master's degree course in "Aeronautical Engineering" are also currently in the pipeline. The aim of this course would be to exploit synergies created by the special requirements of the local aerospace industry, as well as co-operation opportunities with the University of Bremen.

The Fibre Institute also supports the Flugtechnische Vereinigung Henrich Focke e.V. (Flight Engineering Association - www.fvhf.uni-bremen.de). The wings and body of the association's own aircraft construction kit have now been completed thanks to the commitment of the students.

The Institute also supports Bremergy (www.bremergy.uni-bremen.de), a project run by students of the University of Bremen that sees them competing with other European students to design, build and ultimately race an electrically powered student racing car.


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