Cooperations and Networks

The success of the Institute would not be conceivable without its excellent cooperation partners, networks, project partners and supporters from the industry bodies and project committees. Joint projects, discussions, correspondences and suggestions are particularly necessary in the field of fibre composites because a wide range of specialist disciplines interlink. The contributions from different sectors and perspectives are a valuable support in application-orientated projects and research work.

University of Bremen

The Fibre Institute has the status of an affiliated institute of the University of Bremen and works with the university and other institutes in close cooperation.

Bremen Cotton Exchange  
The Fibre Institute Bremen is associated with the Bremen Cotton Exchange via a cooperation agreement. The Bremen Cotton Exchange is a member of the association and is represented on the Board of Trustees. It thus has an active influence on the development of the Institute. An important element of the cooperation is that FIBRE assumes the responsibilities of the Cotton Exchange’s test laboratory as well as advising the Cotton Exchange and its members. Moreover, the Cotton Exchange and the Institute cooperate in the organisation of the International Cotton Conference Bremen and the implementation of the round robin test known as the Bremen Cotton Round Trial. 

ICA Bremen

The ICA Bremen, a joint venture established by the Bremen Cotton Exchange and the International Cotton Association in Liverpool in 2011, forms the international focal point for cotton testing and research, quality training and certification. The Institute cooperates with the ICA Bremen as its exclusive laboratory, implementer of round robin tests, certification body for cotton laboratories, and jointly determines key areas of research. 

ITMF International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods
The Fibre Institute Bremen participates on the International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF ICCTM). The main task is the examination and recommendation of cotton testing methods. The Fibre Institute initiates technical solutions for cotton tests. 

ICAC Task Force on Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton
Since it was founded in 2003, FIBRE has been a member of the ICAC Task Force Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton (ICAC CSITC Task Force). The Institute cooperates with other members of the Task Force, such as USDA-AMS and CIRAD from Montpellier. The round trials initiated by CSITC have been offered without public funding since 2012 and are fully financed by the participants. 

Designated Lab of the USDA

The Institute is “Designated lab of the USDA”, and in this function it determines the characteristic values of the cotton standards drawn up by the US Department of Agriculture.


On behalf of INTERWOOLLABS, the Fibre Institute Bremen manages the international standards for calibrating the devices used for measuring the fibre fineness of wool. The Institute carries out two round trials for INTERWOOLLABS annually, in which 120 wool laboratories are inspected. 

Forschungskuratorium Textil

Forschungskuratorium Textil (Textile Research Board) represents 21 business organisations with more than 1.500 predominantly small to medium-sized companies in the German textile industry. The Fibre Institute Bremen is one of the 17 German research institutes that are members of the research association. Within this group, the Institute assumes the role of delivering technical textiles for lightweight construction in fibre composites. Each year, the Textile Research Board initiates about 50 research projects via the Alliance of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) with funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In competition with other textile research institutes, the Fibre Institute successfully implements two to three project applications annually. 

CFK-Valley Stade

FIBRE is one of more than 100 companies and research institutes in the CFK-Valley network, whose expertise covers the entire CFRP valueadded chain. CFK-Valley is focused on innovative construction methods and the development of process chains for the automated production of fibre-reinforced structures in aircraft and automobile construction, the wind power industry and also for general and textile mechanical engineering. Other focal points are the initiation of industrial and research projects at national, European and international level as well as the implementation of CFRP recycling strategies. Targeted training and further education in this sector also permit the members to qualify their employees and keep abreast of state-of-the-art technologies and new developments. 

Fiber International Bremen

The association Fiber International Bremen e.V (FIB), founded in 2007, promotes business and research in the development and application of innovative fibres by establishing and managing an international knowledge and development programme. The Institute contributes its expertise in the fields of fibres, fibre development and fibre testing methods to the network. The association assists in bringing together the key players along the value-added chain with the aim of optimising existing products and developing new competitive products. It also promotes communication, transfer of knowledge and networking of the members. 

Northern Lightweight Design Network NorLiN

The Northern Lightweight Design Network is a network of small and medium-sized companies as well as research institutes from the northern region of Germany. The goal of the network is to initiate research projects in the sector of lightweight construction, to acquire research funding and to implement the projects successfully. In this role, NorLiN actively supports the network partners when making applications and when searching for suitable project partners. The Fibre Institute Bremen is founding member and, together with the Laser Centre North (LZN) and the Institute for Material Technology (IWT), provides the scientific part of the network. In its first year, the network has already managed to successfully provide three successful ZIM project applications with FIBRE involvement. 

German Research Association for Measurement and Control Technology (DFMRS)

In 2013, the Fibre Institute made the decision to become a member of the DFMRS. The DFMRS promotes techniques and technology for measurement, control, automation and system-related energy technology in the sectors of research, development and application. It is a member association of the AiF. A particularly important objective for the Fibre Institute is to win research projects within the DFMRS in the fields of sensorization of fibre composites and the structural monitoring of wind generating plants. 


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