Bremen Fibre Institute supports the collaborative Lower Saxony research project 'Fast Continuous Injection Resin' (FaCIR) as a scientific project partner in the development of materials and processes for the future continuous production of high-performance fibre composite profiles.

The aim of this joint project is to develop a resin system that meets the specifications  of the aerospace industry for the continuous production of CFRP stringers using pultrusion-RTM technology (PRTM), and to further enhance the processes involved.

Previous projects were able to use PRTM technology to achieve the continuous production of straight CFRP profiles with a constant cross-section, but the mechanical characteristics and production quality of these profiles were not sufficient to meet the demands of the aerospace sector.

Under the direction of the Composite Technology Center Stade, and with experienced project partners Airbus and DOW, this project will further develop the PRTM manufacturing process, materials and mould technology for use in aircraft construction. The project is to conclude with installation and commissioning of the plant technology in Stade in order to generate a reference component geometry.

As a scientific research institute, FIBRE will complement the work of the project partners and support their efforts to verify the suitability of PRTM production technology for the complex components required by the aerospace and other industries, such as the automotive sector.

We would like to express our gratitude to the State of Lower Saxony for its generous financial support of the FaCIR project.


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