Research Projects

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): Impact of Environmental Influences and Damage to the Propagation and Damping Behaviour of Lamb Waves in Fibre Composites

This method is interesting for applications in the aviation industry, where impact events such as bird strikes could lead to damage in the material that is not visible externally. In addition to the detection of discrete damage, another interesting application of SHM is the monitoring of changes in rigidity, as occur in fibre composites as a result of cyclic stress or ageing processes. more

DFG-Forschergruppe Schwarz-Silber: Construction Methods for CFRP Aluminium Interface-Structures in Lightweight Construction

Possible applications are: Aerospace construction: rudder hinges, support struts, fuselage segment. Vehicle construction: CFRP roof, axle guides. General mechanical engineering, articulated robot arms, force transfer. more

Functionalised Fibres for the Thermal Fixing of PEEK/CF Preforms for High-Quality Composite Fiber Components (BiKo-PEEK Tow Placement)

With the melt-spun MagSilica® PEEK fibres, heating speeds of up to 680 K/s were achieved. On a laboratory scale, a laying speed of 2.7 m/min was achieved with a conventional high-frequency induction coil. Moreover, it was possible to reduce the proportion of ferro-magnetic iron oxide particles in the thermoplastic by using mantle-core fibres. Compared to alternative heating processes, the energ... more

Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton for the cotton producing developing countries in Africa

Making instrument classification of cotton the new basis for trade by systematic harmonization and, by this, replacing manual cotton classification is the goal of the Task Force for Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton (ICAC CSITC Task Force). The Task Force was founded in the year 2003 by the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), Washington, DC. The project CFC/... more

CSITC Round Trials for the Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC)

The demands for objective and reliable cotton fiber test results are increasing rapidly and more and more countries are integrating instrument based data in cotton production, trading and processing. The availability of high volume cotton testing instruments solely is not sufficient to produce reliable test values. Examples from all over the world show that without certified testing procedures,... more

VIA-Hybrid / WindowBelt: Technology Development for the Production of CFRP Components

The subsequent consolidation of the preform takes place in a variotherm pressing tool. During the consolidation, the matrix is formed from the warp and weft threads. The even distribution of the PEEK fibres in the semi-finished product promotes uniform distribution of the matrix. After consolidation, the structural inserts can be layered or directly injection-moulded. Injection moulding of the ... more

KOLIPRI: Cost-Efficient Solutions for Industrialised Production of CFRP Stiffening Profiles

New processes can supply CFRP stiffening elements – e.g. frames and stringers – in automated production and with a large diversity of versions for applications in the aerospace industry. Moreover, they can also be used in vehicle construction, for example as stiffening elements for passenger compartments, also delivering excellent cost efficiency. Using environmentally friendly, energy-efficien... more

Multifunctional porous fibres for sound absorption and thermal insulation (FibreFoam)

On the base of technological progress and the continuous increase of the global population, noise pollution has become a serious problem in human environment. For that reason, noise protection is an extraordinary important topic in the development and optimization of new devices.Noise can cause stress reactions and influences negatively the health. In general, noise has different effects on hea... more

Lignin-based carbon fibres (LiCaFib)

The aim of the project is the development of a basic technology for the production of lignin-based carbon fibers, which allows low-cost carbon fiber production for new volume markets.Carbon fibers basing on renewable raw materials as precursors move strongly into the focus of research, as well as of industrial interest. Due to low costs, wide availability and its poly aromatic structure, lignin... more

Development of advanced compatible materials and techniques and their application for the protection, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage assets (MYTHOS)

For the restoration and preservation of textile cultural heritage objects it is essential to use similar or identical materials for testing cleaning or restoration processes before treating the unique and irreplaceable originals. Main focus of the MYTHOS project is to develop such reference materials for enhanced restoration and conservation of hemp and linen based ancient arts.First issue is t... more

Sandwich boards made from natural fibre-reinforced bio-polyurethane und polyurethane foam as contribution to sustainable lightweight construction (NF-BioPUR)

Composites made of nature-based materials are more and more common in wide areas of construction. In the German automotive industry, the annual use of natural fibres is approx. 90.000 t. This is equal to 150.000 t natural fibre reinforced plastics. Within these materials, there are large amounts of natural fibre reinforced polyurethanes as compression moulding parts like e.g. door trim panels o... more


Development of an industrial supply chain from nettle seedlings to nettle fibre. Part 4: Quality control along the value-added chain.Motivation and AimsFibre nettle (Urtica dioica L. convar. fibra) can be cultivated in agricultural areas of strongly different soil types, yielding raw fibres of high quality. The fibre yield of standard nettle varieties on large fields is approx. 10 – 12 %. New v... more


Bremen Fibre Institute supports the collaborative Lower Saxony research project 'Fast Continuous ... more
ITHEC - International Conference and Exhibition on THErmoplastic Composites
In cooperation with the Bremen Exhibition Centre, Bremen Fibre Institute is holding a specialist ... more
Green light for new fibre network
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